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Mastectomy Surgical Dehiscence

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@bcwarrior I love your screen name. Breast Cancer Warrior. Because that's you and as they say "you've been through the wars".

When do you next see your surgeon? I have a suggestion for a service that I wonder is available for you. Do you have a Wound Care Center in your community? One of my very good friends is a wound care RN and from what you describe this is something that they would be most helpful with. Could you ask your surgeon for a referral? Here is a description of what Wound Care Centers:


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Replies to "@bcwarrior I love your screen name. Breast Cancer Warrior. Because that's you and as they say..."

Thank you Helen,

I was surprised to find the screen name available. We are All Warriors. I used to refer to myself as a survivor until the nurses on the surgical oncology floor started calling me a BC warrior. It definitely made me smile. I like to think it was because they knew I was fighting for my life as I was bleeding out and my big tough husband was standing in the doorway crying. He truly thought I would not live since I was so grey. He said they stuck me 16 times in an attempt at a 2nd IV line. If I were inclined to get a tattoo it would not be nipples it would be somewhere visible that said "Nurses Rule."

I tried your link but could not find any locations sadly. I have a bit of medical training and knew I needed wound care. I searched the web for any facility or Dr. even remotely close to no avail. I'm seeing my family Dr. in a few weeks until then I do wound care twice daily. Thanks again, Lynne