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Hysterectomy what to expect afterwards?

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I had my two scans yesterday and from what I gather my endometrioid cancer has not spread. This was what the the person who looked at it and was this person impression the last line on the scan result:
Solitary FDG avid uterine biopsy-proven malignancy. No evidence of nodal or distant
metastatic disease.

So am I correct the cancer has not spread? If this is correct another weight lifted off my shoulder hopefully caught it in early stage.

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@cheriels The report from the radiologist who read your PET/CT Scan is encouraging. Yes, this should ease your mind, right? Did you read this report on the Mayo Clinic Portal or have you talked with your doctor yet who ordered the scan? I always want to talk with my doctor about any lab or scan findings so I completely understand what I'm reading.

The PET/CT will help guide your cancer care team going forward in your treatment. This is indeed a good result. When you have your surgery for the hysterectomy the doctor will send your specimen to pathology where the pathologists will do their examination. Then the pathologists will provide a diagnosis and stage the cancer. You'll meet with your surgeon again after surgery and discuss the pathology results in person with you.

Your surgery is coming up soon, right?

I have not heard from the Doc yet on the finding just what who ever read the PET Scan / CT Scan tesults he found! I have surgery next Friday on the 16th and have no clue what time yet. When the Doctor calls me I will ask her the surgery time. I had another big weight lifted off my shoulders to read that it hasn’t spread. Thank you for caring and checking in ! This has helped me a lot. Hugs My Dear Friend❤️🙏

I had an ultrasound Friday and I knew something was wrong. The technician could not hide her concern and she seemed dismayed when I told her I had no bleeding. Monday I received a call from the Dr. Who informed me they highly suspect ovarian cancer. So in 24 hrs I’ve been booked for a CT scan on Sat. And blood work which happened today. The oncology referral has already been sent. I’m in a real spin here. So much in so little time. I can’t really identify any overt symptoms accept my appetite which hasn’t resulted in any great weight loss. I really need some words of encouragement cause I can’t understand how this abrupt turn in the road happened without any warning.