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Foot problems after TKR

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Thank you! Since my surgery I saw a foot doctor 2x, family physician in between. The foot doctor did not treat anything…sent me to an imaging center to make sure there was no blot clot. I had to research to find that many people with TKR where the leg had to be straighten had foot issues. Why in the world did the foot doctor not know this. I even asked him if it could be an issue because they had to turn the leg. He didn't even acknowledge it! I spent a few dollars to come full circle to absolutely nothing. And quite a few medications which didn't help the problem. No one address the "gait" problem, I had to read it online. May I ask what kind of shoes your wear (you mentioned you bought new ones) Thank you for replying and affirming I have a problem from the surgery. No one I went to would even address that. I guess they were afraid to say that…..I don't really know, but I'm not trying to point a finger I just want them to find the problem and help me recover the foot. Its so bad now I had to quit driving. So I called and they are sending me to a "foot specialist", but he is full and will call when I can get an appointment. Hope its soon. Have a good day!

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I have found Skecher walking shoes with memory foam work pretty well, even figured out how to slide my orthotics under the insole so my foot is padded. Or Bernie Mev woven elastic shoes. Sometimes I find Alegria athletic shoes on sale. With 2-3 pairs to alternate, I get about 1 year out of each pair. For dress up I wear Naot sandals with a cork footbed and at least 3 straps, and anchor my orthotic to it with Velcro. Two pairs last me 4-5 years, wearing 9 months of the year. Or I occasionally wear Rieker shoes which are narrow enough for my foot, and deep enough for orthotics. So…I have very expensive feet, but without the good shoes, the rest of my arthritic body cannot keep moving.
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