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Hi @cirrussantafe
Does that mean you fly a cirrus in Santa Fe?

I'm at about the 1 year mark for RP. Here's what my experience was...
I recall having soreness in the testicles, particularly left for some reason. Dr's said give it time and it indeed lessened over time.

I also recall pain in the penis, particularly at the far end of the urethra, it felt like a small piece of glass or something was stuck at the end. I let that go and decided to see what happened on my own. That lasted for several months, it went away.

The weaker stream and pain when urinating when combined like that I'd make sure you're telling the docs, but, it may just be soreness from the operation still. 6 days doesn't seem a lot to me for the kind of healing that has to go on there. Your body has a lot of "adjusting" to do. Also, the nerves heal very slowly. I think I was at least 3-4 mos before I felt some akin to normalcy.

I think the important thing is to keep the doctors in the loop, if they have a portal you may be able to upload a report or even call and leave a message with your symptoms so they can tell you if they think it's normal. I'm guessing you should have a follow up in about a week?

Best of Luck!

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No, Cirrus is the name of my late cat that was named after cirrus clouds. :).
Thank you very much for your reply,I appreciate your information. I have written as you indicated, my urologist regarding my concerns. I did unfortunately start with a UTI on the 10th day of having my catheter. I’ve since finished the antibiotics and wonder if some of the symptoms are from that. Im 52 and just dealing with incontinence and sone of the post op side effects. I’ve been doing kegel exercises and will start physical therapy soon. Wish me luck on my journey and I wish you luck on yours as well. Thank you,