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i believe i saw Dr Yu about five years ago at MGH. we tried Tymlos and i wasnt able to tolerate it at the full strength. she was very worried about me and i was paralyzed with the impossibility of the situation. now i am so much worse. (i have since tried Fosamax and failed that, too). i may try to see dr Yu again. i have an appt with a different endocrinologist at Cambridge Hospital later this month, the one i see now is at Beth Israel. (my thyroid specialist, whom i love, is at MGH. he cant give me an increase in thyroid med, despite me feeling more symptoms, due to my osteoporosis). i also met with an infectious diseases dr at MGH, because i cannot figure out why i am so unwell, she had no infectious disease identification for me, not Lyme, etc.

i will watch the dr Wein clip. how might i join OsteoBoston ?

so many thanks….lk

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I was invited to join the OsteoBoston group when it was pretty new. I will ask the woman who heads it how to go about joining it. Despite the name you don't have to live in the Boston area to be part of it, one woman lives in CA! It's a good group, does a zoom meeting once a month with a speaker. Some speakers are excellent, some are so-so.

I will get back to you and to anyone on here who might like to be a part of that group.