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Hi, @kittiecat
You mention being in the Boston area. Are the doctors you are seeing in Boston? I guess I would be considered to be in the Boston area, I'm an hour north of it, but the quality of care cannot compare to what I have gotten at Mass General. My endocrinologist is Dr. Elaine Yu who is the Director of the MGH Bone Density Center. She has a lot of research to her credit:

"Dr. Yu leads active clinical and clinical research programs in the fields of osteoporosis and obesity/metabolic diseases. She is Director of the MGH Bone Density Center and is actively involved with the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research and the Endocrine Society. Dr. Yu is currently the Principal Investigator of multiple studies investigating the pathophysiology and treatment of skeletal fragility due to bariatric surgery and diabetes."

She is very nice to work with, very approachable, and easy to talk to. Appointments with her almost seem like like visits with a friend.

Another doctor at MGH who I have heard great things about is Dr. Wein. Here is a presentation he gave at an OsteoBoston group that I am part of. I have not actually watched this presentation myself and I unfortunately missed the zoom meeting that night.

I hope you can find a resolution to your problems. That might well require a change in doctors. As I said, I have found the difference between doctors outside of Boston and those at the major medical centers in Boston to be very significant. I go to Boston now for pretty much everything except my PCP.

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i believe i saw Dr Yu about five years ago at MGH. we tried Tymlos and i wasnt able to tolerate it at the full strength. she was very worried about me and i was paralyzed with the impossibility of the situation. now i am so much worse. (i have since tried Fosamax and failed that, too). i may try to see dr Yu again. i have an appt with a different endocrinologist at Cambridge Hospital later this month, the one i see now is at Beth Israel. (my thyroid specialist, whom i love, is at MGH. he cant give me an increase in thyroid med, despite me feeling more symptoms, due to my osteoporosis). i also met with an infectious diseases dr at MGH, because i cannot figure out why i am so unwell, she had no infectious disease identification for me, not Lyme, etc.

i will watch the dr Wein clip. how might i join OsteoBoston ?

so many thanks….lk

Thank you soooo much for this information and directing us to the wonderful YouTube talk given by Dr. Marc Wein. So much good information. He seems very high on Prolia but we have seen a lot of negative comments on it here, so it's confusing.

The YouTube presentation by Dr. Marc Wein was excellent. Thanks for sharing.