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Kittiecat, that seems like an "out of the blue" comment regarding a concern about your having or developing lymphoma and the relationship to osteoporosis drugs. Are you at high risk for lymphoma?

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it was extremely odd and knocked me so low. i had done months of procedures and testing, while being literally malnourished and underweight, despite eating high fat with protein and vegetables. doc and i had been discussing Evenity as the plan, so i was blindsided by this mention of lymphoma. (“i don’t think you have it, but… Evenity would be a bad choice if you do/did develop it”). my weight loss is unexplained, started in March, during a severe migraine storm. it is possible the extreme pain and fear/terror (4 severe migraines in 26 hours, with 2 visits to the ER in that time) caused my weight loss. but it continues, as do the daily and nightly migraines, which are severe overnight. meds for this are problematic for me, including OTC pain meds. so i live with daily pain at high levels. so, i am weak and underweight and having blood test results that seem to be affecting this Evenity/Reclast decision. i am baffled, more anxious, and trying to get some dr to own this lymphoma citation, and test me.