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@kittiecat If are not suited for Tymlos and Forteo, what blood tests were run for this conclusion? I did not know there were any tests available to tell you which med you are suited for. I took Fosamax for years and Tymlos for about 15 months. Now I am at the point of what is next. Thanks for the info. KLH

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@kilh hi there. it was for a medical reason, perhaps the result of my blood and urine tests showing way high calcium shedding and/or a high alkaline phosphatase level. and also some not good vitamin d issue. i wish it was due to testing for the propriety of a choice between medications. i have asked to work with an immunologist or even an allergist. i got no recognition of this, and i am in the Boston area, where one would think the docs would be on the cutting edge. i am extremely sensitive to chemicals, so this is a big issue for me. i have asked for titration. so far, having pushback. (despite the fact that Tymlos is now given in click titration). i had to stop Tymlos two years ago for side effects at the full dose. but had considered trying it again with the titrated clicks. doc said i am not suited to it or Forteo. and she is concerned about Evenity, “in case (i) have or develop lymphoma”. what ????? she wants me to have Reclast, i fear drug the overload. i am sooo fragile, even moreso than when i failed Tymlos and Fosamax.