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@geedle12, My PCP and my GI, suspected that I had Autoimmune Hepatitis. He prescribed prednisone to see if my liver functions would drop. He wanted to reduce the prednisone because of side effects, and he added Imuran in order to do that. This was 20 years ago, so I don't remember everything, but I do remember liver biopsies were involved. I did not have AIH.
He was very concerned about osteoporosis, too. It is a symptom of all liver diseases. He did a terrific thing for me – he ordered my 1st bone density scan!

Geedle, I like the suggestions that Colleen has made. I would like to ask you if you have been checked by a gastroenterologist (GI) because they have specialty training and knowledge of liver disease that our PCP's don't have?

How are you feeling? Does your body seem to be accepting the higher does of the steroid?

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Hi Rosemary, I do see a gastroenterologist and a liver specialist. I also have an endocrinologist and have had a dexa scan. I do have osteoporosis. I just had surgery for hyperparathyroidism and had one parathyroid removed that had an adenoma. Because of this, I developed osteoporosis. I am now on a lot of calcium to help build bone back.
I had a liver biopsy that didn't show autoimmune hepatitis. They are suspecting I have it because my ALT and AST are elevated. According to my liver doc autoimmune hepatitis can be very spotty in the liver so when they do a liver biopsy they may not get it in the biopsy. I was just increased to 6 mg of Budesnoide twice a day instead of 3 mg of Budesnoide. I just seem tired all of the time. I understand that herpes simplex can cause elevated liver enzymes. Around 3 years ago when all of this started I had my first outbreak (married for 12 years). My dermatologist said sometimes this virus can be in your body and doesn't have to be from a sexual source. When I mentioned this to the liver and gastro doc they didn't seem to think herpex simplex could be the cause of elevated liver enzymes. I had an outbreak right before my last blood test and the AST and ALT were more elevated and is when she increased the Budesnoide to 6 mg per day. Can you give me any input on all of this. Thanks, I am so frustrated!!!