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Hello @memachester and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I have to agree with @fourof5zs and her advice. Comfort comes in many different forms for each of us so what one person may find supports their needs, another may not. That said, if you happen to share your bed with a significant other, I have heard good feedback on the Sleep Number beds. They allow each person to adjust their firmness to their liking and each model seems to have additional features (i.e. cooling, adjustable positioning, etc.) that you may also want to consider.

Have you heard of Sleep Number beds?

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I have not heard of them but a lot of makes are not available in Canada. Too bad because I like to read the Consumers magazine but a lot of brand names available in the US are not familiar in Canada.

I’ve used Sleep Number beds since 2008 and love them because your body’s different weight spots are accommodated. I have bad lower back pain and used to wake up almost unable to get out of bed.

I agree they are expensive but worth it for no back pain.