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Chronic Pain

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@chiefd67 I would like to welcome you to this awesome community at Mayo Connect – chronic pain is life sapping, so congratulations for pushing on.

When you say, "…All as a result of military service…", does that mean you are a VA patient? Or do you have private providers? I ask because there are non-opioid, non-surgical strategies for dealing with chronic pain, but this requires a concerted effort & continuity of care to get there.
Also, what sort of trauma or exposure did you have that led to the conditions?

When we have more info about you, other may be able to better share with you.

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I entered the military at age 18 and was assigned to engineering. I weighed 132 pounds when I entered the military (navy) and left boot camp weighing 155 pounds. I am 6' 1" tall and small-boned. I was required repetitively to lift things by myself (often begging for help) that weighed more than my body was designed to handle. I pulled muscles in my back on more than one occasion in a five-year period. I was in an automobile accident and injured my neck, but I or the doctors were unaware of it at the time (the membrane around three of the cervical discs was torn).

I do see the VA but I am not treated by the VA. I have civilian doctors. I despise drugs as they are addictive and can cause other problems if taken for long periods of time. I have had no neck or back surgeries. I do have back and neck issues, and I have burning and tingling pain from my head to my toes. A lot of it comes and goes, but the worst pain and tingling are in my feet and I have a balance disorder which no one has identified as the cause in over ten years (it is not an equilibrium issue that they have ruled out). I have sporadic sharp shooting pains throughout my body, most lingering in one spot for hours before it goes away.

When I go to urinate, any pressure I exert causes burning nerve pain from my crotch to my feet (never addressed or identified the cause and have been to several doctors). I have urinary urgency. I have ED, "oh, it's just an aging thing". No! I believe it is a nerve issue, but who am I, I am not a doctor, but I do know what is going on in my body. I have problems with completely emptying my bladder. Too many doctors and none of them can connect the dots, they simply zero in on the one problem in front of them. Had a new neurologist today do a nerve conduction study on my left leg and arm and he came to the conclusion that my neuropathy is caused by rheumatoid arthritis (RA). I have had neuropathy for well over 15 years and have been tested many times for RA with negative results, but now it is RA – I say bull!

I really need one or two good specialists working together to figure out all my issues and a way forward.