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Prostate Cancer- getting help-questions answered

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I'll just drop a couple comments here with the caveat that I'm not a dr or an expert, just having gone through the operation myself.

My understanding of the T relationship, put in simple terms is, Testosterone is essentially prostate cancer "food", this is why when you're on radiation they give you therapy to reduce the production of testosterone. I've often hear of folks getting testosterone injections but I just don't understand the science/idea behind it other than trying to boost quality of life for the patient.

At your stage of the game, again as a layman again, the continual bleeding would concern me a great deal. It shouldn't be from the urethra repair at 10 weeks if that's not healed it should be checked. However, if it's not that, they'd have to start looking at bladder issues or perhaps kidney stones. Having said that, by intentionally dehydrating to avoid the incontinence issues you could be creating an environment where stones might flourish.

You said you haven't had a follow up yet, but, have you told the doc what is happening? With this symptom in mind, I'd be knocking hard on the urologists door at this point for some answers/diagnoses. Maybe even a second opinion. Other things like sex drive and erectile issues would be secondary for me at this point, and, I would think it's fairly early in that part of the journey for you.
Good Luck to you!

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Thanks for the tip. I have scheduled an appointment with my primary care doctor, whom I seem to see only twice a year. Unfortunately my PC Doctor is female. I'm not putting her down in any way, but I wonder if she would be able to see the situation the way I see it.
Guess I'll find out in 2 weeks!