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Hysterectomy what to expect afterwards?

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Hi see my Doc today in Rochester 1st time seeing her at 3 today and blood work before I see her. I also see on my portal next Tuesday Sept 6th I am scheduled for a Pet Scan/ CT Scan at 6:15 am so I will be going to Rochester on the 5th stay overnight, have any of Yous had this done also, never had a scan suppose this is also a procedure that has to be done before the Doc tells you how they will proceed? Thanks

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I did have a PET/MRI scan last year. I don't know the difference between a PET/MRI and PET/CT so please ask your doctor about this and to explain why it's ordered.

I'm very claustrophobic and I did know that the MRI scanner is a long tube you slide into and I figured I'd get very anxious. So I asked for sedation. That helped a lot. If your scan is the CT scan then there is a big open ring that you slide in and out of. I just had a CT for my checkup at Mayo and it was very comfortable and easy for me.

The PET/CT or PET/MRI is done to see if there is cancer anywhere else. Your doctor will want to know that because the results will help guide the treatment. When I had the PET/MRI last year I got the results back very quickly which I appreciated.

Have you written your questions down to ask your doctor? That will help keep you focused and make sure all of your questions get answered.

I had laparoscopic surgery 8/29, went home same evening, did not take any pain medication after procedure, had no pain and went back to work 2 weeks later, 10lb weight limit lifting. Felt fanatastic. They took my ovaries and tubes and lymph nodes both side and there were no issues with them. On, 2 week post -op however was told had lesions on back of uterus. So, am going to have to do chemo and radiation. Not feeling real comfortable presently about. Had chemo port placed last Monday and go to have it checked tomorrow. Unluck me gets to have a root canal on Wednesday and am to start Chemo the next Monday. Hopefully, you get to have laparoscopic surgery.