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1) How much/how little to share with your kids about prognosis? If you tell too much, they will take it very hard and worry. If you tell them too little, they don’t take the situation seriously.
2) How to get teenagers to step out of their self centered focus (100% normal) to focus more on their Dad (twins will be leaving for college in a year so this could be their last year with their dad)
3) how to get kids to have more empathy and step up in new roles/responsibilities /chores within the household (they continue to be 100% not helpful leaving Mom with an even higher amount of stress/workload)
4) how to deal with the mental needs of the kids- be proactive or wait for signs? they act like nothing is different but are they suppressing stuff? Pediatrician indicates yes.
5) Kids try to connect with father but he feels so poorly that he does not reciprocate/doesn’t seem interested in connecting. This makes them feel bad and makes them not want to connect with him.
6) Husband is not working due to cancer so family has lost 1/2 their income. How to help kids understand/adjust to a new lifestyle and budget.

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Hi John, I found a few more resources for you and for your teens.

– Helping Teenagers When a Parent Has Cancer https://www.cancercare.org/publications/51-helping_teenagers_when_a_parent_has_cancer
– Support for Teens When a Family Member Has Cancer https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/coping/caregiver-support/teens

How are you doing?