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My husband had a very large (total of 9 liters removed via thorancentesis and PleurX Catheter over 4 weeks). right lung pleural effusion. Biopsies confirm advanced biphasic mesothelioma. After using the vacuum Pleurex system for 3 weeks his effusion had closed. It has remain resolved since January, 2022. The PleurX was removed at the end of February. Many scans and it has not returned. He receives immunotherapy and had a 5 day radiation trial. The lung and lymph node involvement has decreased and no recurrence of the effusion. O2 sats we’re 89-93 and now 98-100. He has another scan the end of September and we will know more then. He is being treated at Mayo, Rochester where we moved upon his diagnosis.

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Thank you. I currently have a tenckhoff catheter inserted, draining daily. I had a stable left lung tumor for over 10 years then in Oct 2021 it became unstable with now a diagnosis of pleural effusion. The draining doesn't seem to decrease. I am about 9 weeks in and becoming very frustrated. My tumor is extremely slow growing, but growing in the direction of my spine. I'm Canadian and starting to lose faith in my doctors and looking for a second opinion, possibly Mayo FL. I am very frustrated and scared, not sure if I am being told everything. Had Chemo, but no real change, no radiation as yet and my doctors are not sure if they will, no explanation given either. Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated.