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Tanja. As I was told, pleural effusions are caused by some other condition or illness and the remedy is to to treat the cause and the body should clear the fluid. I had some pleural effusion 6 months after lung surgery and was gone at my 12 month check. This is quite normal. After my second lung surgery there was a bit more fluid and and they removed it. ( Procedure was called Thoracentesis ) The lab tested the fluid and indications pointed the possible cause to be my lymphoma or still could be from my most recent surgery. We decided to just watch it. A couple months later I had a CT and more fluid removed with the same lab results and was decided to treat my lymphoma, which started last Tuesday. All this was at Mayo in Rochester. At the moment, I expect I have some fluid in my left chest currently and they're planning a CT in about 3 months to check on effusion and lymphoma. Unless, of course, if the fluid increased and had loss of breath, fatigue, etc they would investigate sooner.
Could you describe a bit more of how you are feeling and what testing and procedures have been completed? Am hoping your questions can be answered. It is just so challenging... mentally and physically. Stan

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Thank you Stan. I have had stable tumor in my left lung for over 10 years, last Oct 2021, all shit hit the fan, plus a diagnosis of pleural effusion. Had Chemo to try and treat tumor (to shrink, but nope) however, this is an extremely slow growing tumor, the problem is the pleural effusion, I currently have a tenckhoff catheter inserted and have the fluid removed daily, had 2 thoracentesis already. With the catheter in and the fluid being drained regularly, I can function relatively normal. Have had no surgeries yet, not sure if my doctor will, no radiation either. Just think it is time for a second opinion. I am Canadian and have heard many good things about the Mayo, I just need straight up answers which I do not feel I am getting here with my doctors. Did or do you have lung cancer? If you do not want to answer, that is ok. I am stumped that after all this time, this happens, and I think my doctors and confused as well as to how this happened. Thank you