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My husband did 4 months of Folfirinox and is now in his 2nd month of gemcitibine and abraxane. He tolerated the Folfirinox much better than this chemo regimen. It has been brutal. No quality of life. Sleeps most of the time. No energy. Can’t eat. Barely drinks. Tumor marker came down from 377 to 204 after the first month. Hopeful it will drop even more after the second month and imaging will also show a decrease in tumor size. If it doesn’t, he will discontinue treatment. I hope you tolerate the treatment. Quality of life is everything at this point.

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Hi, I was sick and nauseous most of the time while I was on Folfirinox. I have had my 2nd session of the gem/abraxane today. Don't know if it is still too early, but I did not have any side effects since I've started. Just a little bit of body aches, but nothing serious.
My WBC was a bit low last week, so I had to skip a session. Going every 7th day and will scan in October.
I pray and believe that it will have a positive effect on the markers and the tumor size.
All of the best to you and your husband, believe and stay strong

Omg I feel exactly the same and they just switched me telling me side effects wouldn’t be as bad- same horrible effects but add hair loss after ine treatment! I git switched to every other week because blood count and side effects… had anyone had sore eyes eye pain or photo sensitivity ??? They said it hardly happens but it’s killing me