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I took Gabapentin for several years. It did nothing to help any of my pain, ever.

The withdrawal when you go off needs to be gradual, the detox is really bad, you
can google. It is a horrible and one of the hardest detoxes.

So maybe taking it needs to be gradual, too. I think that is true of many meds.

What a jerk comment that you 'deal with it', from ur doctor. My internist has
me taking 2 aspirin am and pm, and 2 extra strength Tylenol (650mg I get on
Amazon, their brand), and he prescribed some Norco for when it is unbearable.
Not a druggie, don't want to get hooked on Norco, but again, is it really Oxy?

Sadly all the overuse of pain meds has killed it for many of us. I mean just to
take when it is super bad, we should be able to have real pain pills, in my H.O.

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I completely agree with the overuse of pain medication has hurt those that really need it. Doctors do not want to provide pain medicine that those of us who have an extremely high pain tolerance need. I get 30 Oxy every 6 months and save them for vacation or travel. Unfortunately no one thinks about or even cares about those of us who lay in bed crying in pain while those who do not have pain get the pills easily and illegally and they get all the pills and attention-documentary’s one after the other. It is really hard for me to sympathize with others and I wrestle with that knowing many who have overdosed on medication they use for the wrong reasons and that I need.

I agree with you that getting painkillers is difficult. You have to remember though, not all doctors believe in the same thing. To get the pain management doctor I have now I had to go to a physical therapist for rigorous testing. It put me into a few day flare-up without anyway to get out of it. I built trust over a couple appointments and had an open conversation before I explained about the severity of pain. I'm on a pain contract now because of this opioid crisis, and it's understandable because he is CYA-mode. In my opinion, if you don't have a doctor who will prescribe what is needed, go find another one.

@aquamarine4220 I really appreciated your comments.