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There was a New York Times article a few years back on statins that mentioned rhabdomyolysis. As with a lot or articles, sometimes the most value is in the comments. Several people posted about having rhabdomyolysis and shared comments about their treatments. All I remember is that a fluid therapy was able to help several recover completely and, in one case, also totally reverse kidney damage.

I've tried to find the article so I could post the title and URL but weather is interfering with cell signal. I hope this helps a little at least. I'd never heard of rhabdomyolysis but had terrible muscle cramping from statins, and quit them, but didn't know how serious they could be.

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Have you checked your Creatnine Kinase (CK) levels during a blood test. While on statins I had muscle ache and found that my CK levels were elevating which indicated possible muscle damage. My cardiologist diagnosed it as statin-related mypathy. When I stopped Crestor for a month my CK levels cane right down to normal although my LDL increased. I am back on a lower dose of Crestor (5mg) which is managing CK levels better while keeping my LDL at a safe level. I am also on a low carb Mediterraen diet which is helping my HDL and Triglyceride levels. Hope you are able to find a solution to your muscle cramps.