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I had a lumpectomy last fall and was told that site-specific radiation could lower the risk of recurrence for the cancer I had from 10% to 2% but that those numbers were assuming that I had the radiation within 3 weeks. (This was 3 weeks after the surgery.) The radiologist said that they've done radiation later than that during covid chaos and thought it was just effective.

I also had the OncotypeDX and was told by two scientists at the firm that the 'risk of recurrence within 9 years' (aka the risk percentage score, not the Recurrence Score from which its derived) applied to loco-regional, anywhere in the body' recurrence. And I that's true.

I am so sorry to read that you're dealing with this, yet alone again. I read that the greatest risk for cancer is aging which is, when one thinks about it, at least an irony as aging is itself winning against a lot of health challenges that befalled earlier generations. And therefore lucky.

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Thank you Callallou for your reply! I am perplexed about the oncotype info, since you report you've been informed it applies to local recurrence along with distant, so I just wrote the company again and received a rapid reply:
''Your Oncotype DX recurrence score predicts the distant recurrence risk at 9 years with endocrine therapy alone, as well as your estimated chemotherapy benefit. Unfortunately, recurrent tumors were not validated in the Oncotype clinical studies therefore we are unable to perform testing on recurrent tumors since they are outside of our criteria.

We did not observe local recurrence risk in our validation studies, only distant recurrence risk. We are only validated to report out information on patient's distant recurrence risk.''

I also asked what features in the genomic assay were associated with the distant risk, but did not receive a reply about that. I realize this is probably not of great interest to others, but since I am recovering from this recent local recurrence, I am just really hoping I remain protected from the a distant recurrence given my relatively safe, low Oncotype score.

Again, thanks for your input!