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Hi, thank you! I’m sorry to hear about your daughter. What State are you in? I’m certain there has to be some team of COVID doctors, finding them is the challenge. The only thing that has helped with my fatigue was Modafinil. This helped clear the brain fog making me super focused but also hit me going. I was the same with fatigue. It was horrible. I wish your daughter well.

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Hello, I'm still getting the hang of this and did not see your reply so I apologize for the delayed response. We are in Virginia. I agree; it is hard to find them. It's so time-consuming and trying to work and keep up with all other life responsibilities - it does become overwhelming.
I wish you continued success with Modafinil. I will note that as a possibility.
Thank you very much for your reply.

I highly suggest that you do not just use prescriptions to treat symptoms, though they may help reduce some symptoms and discomfort they are not treating the ROOT CAUSE of Covid and long-haul. Many people have had really excellent results with holistic practitioners who look at the body as one WHOLE UNIT. And treat the underlying causes of long-haul symptoms. For brain fog and fatigue, taking B-3 (single supplement, niacinamide form only, 500mg 2-3x per day is what I used) will allow your body to make more NAD quickly and effectively. NAD is needed for absolutely all bodily functions/systems to work properly. This alone works very well for many people. I wish you all the best!