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Hello Bennu007,
I am sorry you have been dealing with the brain fog and were unable to get treatment sooner.
But I am happy that you found a neurologist and team of medical providers that are pro-active in your case!
I am looking for a physician for my daughter which is experiencing these same issues and extreme fatigue (where she'll be in bed for days at a time unable to stay awake).
I would appreciate any information you are willing to share about your physician(s), as we are uncertain as to how to find one that will deal with her symptoms (and not just say it will take time).
Thank you.

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Hi, thank you! I’m sorry to hear about your daughter. What State are you in? I’m certain there has to be some team of COVID doctors, finding them is the challenge. The only thing that has helped with my fatigue was Modafinil. This helped clear the brain fog making me super focused but also hit me going. I was the same with fatigue. It was horrible. I wish your daughter well.

BBA, have you looked at the Survivor Corps website? They list Post COVID Care Clinics available across the nation and world wide
- PCCC https://www.survivorcorps.com/pccc

@bennu007, you hit on several key points, i.e., getting help early and getting validation. These are so important. Many patients feel they are not being taken seriously and often providers don't recognize brain fog. I think this earlier post from Dr. Van will also resonate with you:
- Early Care Tips for COVID Longhaulers https://connect.mayoclinic.org/blog/post-covid-recovery/newsfeed-post/early-care-tips-for-covid-longhaulers/

For your daughter, you can try giving her B-3 (high quality, single supplement, niacinamide form). Niacinamide is the pre-cursor needed for your body to make more NAD again. NAD is absolutely stripped from the body with Covid infection and it's the reason why "it takes time" for people to recover. When given B-3 the body can make more NAD quickly and effectively. And you'll potentially see a variety of symptoms clear up from this.

I've had Covid 3x now (or twice, with severe long haul) and I know what works -- trust me. I had terrible brain fog, fatigue, dizziness, ringing in the ears, etc. etc. What is also really crucial is an anti-inflammatory diet, and also low-histamine diet, if you can manage it. This is how you reduce inflammation quickly within all systems, and allow the body to recover (rather than react). I wish you and your daughter all the very best!

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