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Meredith0903 (@meredith0903)

Would like to hear from people with Sjogrens

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Wow- thank you everyone for your replies. It is nice to hear from others who understand what i am going through. My rehumatologist ordered an MRI after we discussed my symptoms (forgetting things, confusion, not feeling like I was processing information quite like I used to, numbess in face, hands and feet.) He was concerned about MS but scan showed otherwise. Blood tests came back like always with the positive antibodies and very low vitamin d levels. Am now taking 2000 mg. per day of vit. d.
Work has added to my stress and as a result (my doc thinks), I am more fatigued than usual and my hair is starting to fall out. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I saw a photo of myself in the pool with my children . . . the wet hair showed thinning patches. 🙁 My wonderful husband agreed I needed to take time off so I resigned from work and we are trying to make it work on his salary alone. Am hoping this will decrease stress and improve symptoms.

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Dear Meredith,
I hope that you just did not resign. Disability????????????????? You are disabled dear. This falls under disability. Review the Sjogrens Syndrome.org website. The S.S. admin has now listed this as a viable disability and there was a great meeting with social security and people or I should say doctors discussing autoimmune diseases. Do you have Lupus, Sjogrens, R/A if you mind me asking? The site had a recorded session from social security and the information was mind boggling. Take care of yourself. Apply for SSDI all they can do is say no.

Sorry, it is the Sjogrens thinking that made me ask what you are diagnosed with. I read your previous post. Duh! Sorry, I can only laugh at myself for not being with it. I do this about 25 times a day. If I don’t laugh I will cry so I choose to laugh it off. Please accept my apologies as I thought this was all kinds of disorders relating to autoimmune. The brain fog makes me feel stupid at times.