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Would like to hear from people with Sjogrens

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I have so many symptoms I feel like a chronic complainer. I am now getting so many severe symptoms I am very concerned. I do know however, I have been hospitalized for dehydration so severe, I was not talking coherent. Best thing like an instant IV. Zico~~is coconut water out of green coconuts. Very costly but can get a good rate from Amazon. Saves me many times from passing out is the best thing for an instant dose of moisture in my mouth. Better than anything I have had in the way of mouth moisture. I can hardly walk anymore and horrible pain everywhere. Hard to talk and very fatigued. I could be worse though with something else.

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The coconut water works? I will have to get some of that too. I definitely am tired of the scalded mouth syndrome coming and going at will and the mouth sores. Been hospitalized for dehydration interesting. I always called this a disease of dehydration. Because of the fact that one day, I became wrinkled and dried up almost overnight and my eyes sunk into the back of my head. Try telling a doctor that one. My skin turned into a pile of (sorry for this) dandruff. I would take my clothes off and it looked like it was snowing. So sorry for being graphic. I really freaked when my hair kept falling out in clumps and this had nothing to do with medicine. It just happened. I had such a thick head of hair and now it’s gone. Fine, dry, and well just not normal. I used to pass out too. Is that what it is caused from dehydration? Got to go to Amazon. I’ll try the Zico. I will try anything at this point. Sounds promising. Thank you very much. This site has turned out to be a wealth of knowledge for us, I believe. We have to be informed to take care of ourselves and any and all advice from you folks here is greatly appreciated. By the way, I feel like a chronic complainer too. I am just tired of it. Who would want to feel like this? You’re right I guess it could be worse.