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I had COVID in March of 2020. I am a first responder and returned to work after about 6 weeks. Unfortunately Long COVID was not even a thought. My PCP told me that my issues were a residual of the infection and they would go away. I say that to not place blame but my symptoms became much worse than I believe would have if I contracted COVID now and dealt with the symptoms right away. I didn’t recognize the brain fog until much later after my initial infection causing a much longer recovery. My point is to seek help right away. Don’t doubt yourself or minimize your symptoms. The earlier intervention the better overall. Brain fog caused me severe anxiety which doesn’t help the recovery time at all. I’m grateful for my Neurologist and his LONG COVID team at Henry Ford who are taking a genuine interest in this virus. The acknowledgement that I wasn’t crazy and was going through these brain changes lifted a huge burden off me that allowed me to heal.

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Hello Bennu007,
I am sorry you have been dealing with the brain fog and were unable to get treatment sooner.
But I am happy that you found a neurologist and team of medical providers that are pro-active in your case!
I am looking for a physician for my daughter which is experiencing these same issues and extreme fatigue (where she'll be in bed for days at a time unable to stay awake).
I would appreciate any information you are willing to share about your physician(s), as we are uncertain as to how to find one that will deal with her symptoms (and not just say it will take time).
Thank you.

Thank you for your comment. I have been experiencing brain fog, headaches, coughing, and shortness of breath ever since I had COVID in September of 2022. I never even heard of long term COVID until my friend, a nurse, told me she thought I may have this. It's almost a relief that I have a cause, now how do I get rid of it?