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Temporary hypersensitivity vs. hyperacusis

Hearing Loss | Last Active: Apr 25, 2023 | Replies (22)

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Would you share where you bought ‘expensive hearing plugs that tune out the noises?”. I’ve been trying to find really good ones to no success. Thank you.

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Jayne, if you’re shopping for foam plugs online, you may have to try different brands due to the particular shape of your ear-canal opening. What works best for me are the 3M E-A-R cordless plugs. I couldn’t get a proper seal with the Mack’s brand. Per @nurseheadakes’ comment, I’m also considering custom ones but waiting to see if my hyperacusis improves on its own before making that investment.

Probably the best place to get custom fitted high quality ear plugs is through your audiologist. They will cast a mold of your ear canal, just as they do for hearing aid molds. You will want custom fitted musician's ear plugs.

They don't get asked to do this often because it's unusual for musicians to ask for this kind of help until they start experiencing hearing loss. But all audiologists know how important hearing protection is, and should have the skills to provide these products.

My granddaughters both participated and performed in rock bands when they were in high school. I insisted on these ear plugs. They cost about $200/pair. Not cheap, but very much worth it. They can 'be like grandma' in other ways, but not with hearing loss...please!!! Thankfully, they got that message. In the process, they educated other members of their bands. 🙂