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Narcissism and relationships

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My husband has passed away, but he was a narcissist and just a year before he passed ( cancer ) he was finally getting therapy and attended a John Gottman marriage retreat with me. The changes were happening and that gave me hope - and that hope had drawn me support him, hence - at that point - I was pleased to have him home … because he cared enough to try. For your situation - just ask them whether you should stay or go as you seek treatment… that shows them love and respect - which is what they crave from you.

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You're very very smart and insightful.! Just the way you express yourself and how you shine such a light on reality, instead of " the dream" captures my attention to your words, as I've never listened so fulfilly intent to someone who really knows the " truth of lies".
To hear lectures and read books on narcissistic behavior is educational...but to someone who's lived with it and knows how it feels.....you get advice you sense is heartfelt...for we share a bond as being " those affected by a deep destructive entity"..... with the teacher being one who survived.
I thank you so much for your writings and hope to hear more from you ...as I share my struggles to break free...and seek assistance along the way to beat the hardest thing so far to come to my life.
Bless You...and I'm grateful that you made it!...and are part of this world. ; )