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Greetings. I understand. My house burned down a year ago and I lost everything. I am 70 years old and I literally just had the clothes on my back, watching my home burn down and I lost my dog to smoke inhalation. My doctor put me on 6 mg a day of Valium, I needed it. I see him tomorrow. I have cut myself down to 2 mg at night to sleep. I have PTSD from the losses. But my life just keeps getting better and I have hopes of just needing 1 mg at night. I hope my doctor will understand and keep prescribing Valium to me.

Losing your marriage and the grief/losses can be very overwhelming for some of us.

I suggest you be truthful with your doctor today about all of it–not wanting a buzz, your divorce your health, etc. Best wishes.

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I am truly sorry for your multiple losses. My dog is my best friend…he knows when I'm hurting….and he comes to me to soothe me.
I could only imagine the grief that caused.
It is encouraging to hear things are improving….I thank you for the positive feeling it gives me this moment as I start my day.
When we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give permission to others to do the same …as we are liberated from our own fears.
Bless You…and may your appointment today go as you wish.
I hope mine does as well…its 2 hrs away from now…and I'm nervous like crazy.
✌️ Peace. Audrey