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You asked yourself………….."why did I not read the pharmaceutical info!!"

We have ALL opened up the massive pharmaceutical information included with a new drug and attempted to understand. How many of us can raise our hands and say I read it. I understood every word. I feel very educated about this drug now and have no more apprehension about taking it. (If, by chance, you are a doctor………put your hand down!) All I know FOR SURE is that when I get home from seeing the doctor, if Ive been given a new medication, I have to Google the damn stuff.
You also asked if there is a difference between being "addicted," "dependent," or "tolerant," with regards to benzo's. This can be a REAL can of worms to open at a party. Lots of opinions out there. I'm 71 and have been on Xanax for YEARS. This Autumn I will start seeing a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to begin the arduous journey of tapering off. I also consider myself dependent. In all the years I've taken Xanax, I've only increased my dose by a total of 1mg. If I was "addicted," I'd be taking a much larger dose to try and keep having the "good feeling" I use to get when I first started. I'm not looking forward to the withdrawal process and I wish to hell the doctor who started me on this drug had read the part that says "THIS DRUG SHOULD ONLY BE USED ON A SHORT TERM BASIS." Good luck to anyone who didn't know the truth about these drugs but is sure paying the price now. Does anybody know if there is a "withdrawal" group on here? I'd sure like to go through my quit with some friends.

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Tapering is a great journey! You have finally made the decision TO STOP THIS DRUG, congratulations are in order. I did it and I had many problems because my DOCTOR and PSYCHIATRIST gave me the incorrect MG'S of a longer half life for tapering. I really went thru hell, however, in the end I celebrated and was so excited, I DID IT, many cannot. I have suffered many horrible problems, only because of the incorrect dose of 0.5 Clonazepam for 6MG of Lorazepam. I should have been taking 3MG OF CLONAZEPAM to taper from 6MG OF LORAZEPAM. I DIDN'T REALIZE UNTIL 7 DAYS AFTER TAPER FINISHED AND I HAD HORRIBLE SIDE EFFECTS to ask my Pharmacist what the transition should have been and found out it should have 3MG NOT 0.5MG. I had researched many times on line and found lots of Deprescribing, most were with Diazepam (which is what Ashton Manual uses). However, this was all after all was said and done that I found out all the fact. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, and ask your Dr and or Psychiatrist what questions you might have AND KEEP A JOURNAL, we forget so fast all those important details that are monumental when reviewing your taper. You will be so proud of yourself when you finish the taper.

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