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I completed the full 4 PRRT treatments in January of this year and had my first follow-up scan after treatment in April with good results. I too have NETs to the liver and the PRRT reduced all lesions/tumors. I have an unknown primary and PRRT was recommended after about a year of Lanreotide injections monthly, which I continue. I'd be happy to share more about my experience–but in general, I had my worst reactions to the treatment after my first one and had fewer side effects as the treatments progressed. The fatigue associated with the treatments was the most difficult side effect for me (and by fatigue, I mean just totally exhausted!) and I did experience mild anemia by the end of treatments. Happy to chat about other side effects as well–I'm still dealing with a few 'new' issues, but overall for me it was worth it and I'm happy that I did it and feel the results were worth the issues I did experience. I'm 75, pretty active and considered myself in good health before my NET diagnosis. My treatments were at Mayo, Phoenix and my 'team' there was really supportive and helpful. I live in El Paso, so used the portal to chat with them as I was dealing with side effects between treatments. Hope you are feeling better!

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Karen, thank you for sharing that. I was diagnosed in March, 22. I’ve been on Lanreotide since and find it makes me tired was or is that similar for you?
How long after being on Lanreotide was it recommended you have the PRRT treatments?
NET with liver mastitis from mesentery was my diagnosis.