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Hello @10david4911 and welcome to Connect. I'm glad to see that you are doing some research on less invasive surgeries and I'm looking forward to seeing that information.

You mentioned that this is a recent diagnosis for you. What type of symptoms were you having that led to the diagnosis? Has your doctor discussed these less invasive surgical procedures?

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Apologies for not making it all the way through the postings… work getting in the way.

I was one of the apparent vast majority that was asymptomatic and the CAA was discovered while being scanned for something else. I had a concussion and my vitals were weird. When the head scan was negative, the trauma center did a full body scan, and found the CAA.

When I saw the vascular surgeon, weeks later, he (mis) read the follow-up scan and said we could do surgery or wait. When the radiologist's report came back, he measured it at 2.9×2.1×2.1… so suddenly I have two risk factors — the size, and growth since the measurement at the ER.

I recall that the Texas Heart Institute did one of the circa-2001 studies and did a lot of surgeries. The author still works there, so I am going to try to reach him he can point to more recent studies, or anything else.

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