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Hello @dan1230 and welcome! It sounds as if you have had a lot of problems that cause discomfort and pain. As you wrote, Mayo Connect is a good place to know that you are not alone with these health issues.

I understand that your surgery is scheduled for October. Are there meds that have been prescribed to help you during this time? Have the meds been of any help? I found an article on Mayo Clinic's website regarding vasculitis. Here is a link to that article, https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/vasculitis/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20363485

Have you heard back from Mayo Clinic about a second opinion?

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Mayo is my second opinion. I have several more appointments to hopefully narrow down what may be causing these issues. Mayo thinks surgery may not be necessary as of right now. But they are not the ones living with the pain. Will be waiting to see what the other visits point to. Thanks for the info on vasculitis.

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