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Reverse shoulder replacement 😩

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Good morning @barocco. I have followed your posts and was hoping for a positive report. Was your reverse on your right shoulder? Which is your dominant side? I do hope you can return to golf. Unfortunately, my reverse shoulder arm ended up being a couple inches longer than the other one. I tried changing my swing and found it cumbersome. So....I had to find a replacement for golf. For the next 10 years I went trekking with a group of ladies. We did a lot of preparing......sometimes walking 3 miles in the morning and another 2 miles in the evening. And we did get to go to Ireland and Canada and Vermont and, and ,and. It still wasn't golf though. Then I had to replace the trekking.

Are you using a Lidocaine patch or a custom Lidocaine topical? Is it pain that is most pronounced or inappropriate functioning?

May you be free of suffering and the causes of suffering.

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Good Afternoon Chris:
Thanks for the quick response! It's my dominant shoulder, my right. Never had a patch. Just discovered spray Lidocaine. Much better than rubbing that crap over it. Where can you find a Lidocaine patch. Sounds good.
I was never great at golf but presentable. Went from being a 18 index to now a 26. Oh, BY THE WAY, my doctor told me after I woke up that he had cut my tendon because he said it was damaged. Ugh. I'm going back for yearly next week but I'm sunk. Hate to gripe because so many people have it much harder but it's really tough. I genuinely believe that most of the world simply wants we Seniors to just die and go away.
Anyway, thanks for listening,
Joe B