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Yes, the colored sputum is evidence of infection. The fact that you are coughing it up is a good thing – getting the bacteria and it's safe hiding place out of your lungs. Coughing is not going to damage your lungs, but it can give you sore ribs.
What are you doing for airway clearance to 1) thin the mucus (e.g. saline or Mucinex) and 2) move the mucus (e.g. Aerobika, postural drainage, etc)?

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My usual airway clearance is twice a day 7% SC, once with aerobika attached. Exercise has gone by the wayside because of the heat. I tried postural drainage but it's too much because of my GERD. I've never thought of using the aerobika alone. Is it that useful? That would be great for travel–could do in a car. I also take NAC 600 mg twice a day. I've seen it posted that many use Mucinex. Do you use it all the time or just when there is exacerbation? Is that doctor recommended or just OKed? Would Mucinex be good to take at bedtime or late afternoon so could get stuff up before going to sleep or use in AM. Gosh, I have a lot of questions.
You are my Guru Sue. Thanks much to @egayle187 as well.

Hello Sue, I have a question regarding colored sputum. Since my productive cough started over 8 years ago the color of my sputum has always remained the same, after negative or positive sputum cultures, or even after long term multiple antibiotics, always the same light tan color. I always ask any new doctors (multiple) their opinion, most will respond with no big deal or it is just from the inflammatory process itself, not necessarily evidence of an active infection. Have you been told that any color other than clear is a sign of infection? Thanks Bill