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High CAC Score and Current Status

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Hi, I'm a 65 year old male and recently got a CAC score of 1595. I also passed a nuclear stress test with no indication of blockages over 70% or any other for that matter and I had a decent Echo. I have no symptoms and exercise daily with no pain or shortness of breath. My cardio said the only way to know for sure how bad any blockages may be is to do a catherization to go in and look. Here is my thinking. A nuclear stress test will supposedly show any blockage over 70%. You can't stent any blockages unless they are 70%. So why take the risk of a heart catherization? My cardio doubled my liptor to 40 MG and added a beta blocker to my blood pressure meds. I also started a plant based diet. He wants my LDL down to 50. Anyone else dealing with same issues? Hoping I'm going about this correctly.

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@cedgar– My Calcium score is mildly elevated, but I do have calcification of the LAD artery. I don’t have symptoms- also taking statins and zetia and numbers are good.
I think you’ll do well on your medical treatment.
I would never do a cardiac cath unless it’s indicated.
My husband had a cardiac cath in his late 40s due to symptoms. During the procedure he went into cardiac arrest, but was brought back without problems. He did not need stenting then.
Cardiac arrest is something that can happen and is mentioned when you sign consent.
Have you had carotid artery ultrasound? Also tells of calcification.

Thanks for the advice on the carotid artery ultrasound. I'll ask the cardio about it. There should be other noninvasive ways to test arteries other then a cath. They told me they couldn't do a CT angiogram because the contrast and the calcium both show up white and I had too much calcium to do the test.

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