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What brings me moments of awe? "…being immersed in nature, holding a small child’s hand, petting a puppy…" and just about any program by Richard Attenborough. Hummingbirds. Mothers caring for their children – any species. How ants and bees work as a team to further their colonies. I could go on. God has nothing to do with it.

Since a volunteer mentor objected to my belief I will respect her stance and remain silent.

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On second thought, just because God, religion and spiritualism don't bring ME awe, it doesn't mean it doesn't bring others awe. What brings awe is an individual's prerogative. I remove my objection.

I totally concur with you. ☺️ My awe isn’t inspired by God or religion either. But, like you mentioned in your next reply, we should respect that it can instill awe in others. I just hate to steal anyone’s joy.
I’m also inspired by nature and all her critters. I live in a forest…being a devoted tree hugger. I’m fascinated with raising monarchs and after my bone marrow transplant, I’m even more fascinated with the complexity of the human body and especially the intricacies of our blood. That truly is awe inspiring!
I gravitate to any program from David Attenborough, (and I enjoy films with Richard Attenborough as well). We are on the same page. Thank you for understanding my intentions. ☺️
And if you want to truly be impressed, you should see what a simple mosquito can do to me now that I have a completely new blood type! 😅