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Fosamax or Exercise?

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Hi @egrolman , @catluvr999 , This is a reply to your question about what exercise I do. You may find the detail in the .pdf file below. Please click on the link under Shared Files named "Exercise in Post-Fosamax” (in blue color) below. The file will open.

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@msou Thanks so much for your exercise routine...your precise writeup is a work of art. I've looked through it, and, though I likely will try to find an alternative to the weights backback, the other exercises are super compelling, particularly the idea of returning to doing Tai Chi, including trying the two links you gave and revisiting some that I still have bookmarked. I really appreciate your work on this! Thanks again.

I have done tai chi for years. It really helps.

Many thanks! I hope it works as well for me as it does for you!

Hi @windyshores, You are very admirable. 7 spinal fractures and still stand up! Would you mind to share with me how did you recuperate every time?

Thank you for putting the time and work into this and sharing it with us. I've spent the past two weeks moving bookcases around and filling them with. I can consider that weight-bearing exercises but need to get back to a system of some sort.

ugh I tried PT! I with the edit function was longer-lasting. I make a lot of typos!