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Permanent SIBO due to removal of ileocecal valve

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Hi Azdon,

So weird that you had no symptoms for 8 years and then they appeared. For the sake of curiosity, was there any specific "event" that you think caused them, or was it just a gradual onset?

Although it is not great that you have not achieved "permanent" remission, the fact that your situation does, in fact, respond to antibiotics and antimicrobials should offer you hope that you are barking up the right tree, as it were.

I was prescribed several rounds of conventional oral anti-biotics like flagyl and doxycline for 10 days. Each time I briefly achieved remission but the condition came back. I even tried to use atrantil to extend remission – as you yourself described! – but in the long run this was not successful. What finally worked for me was doing a 28 day regiment of neomycin. I have been symptom free for more than 4 weeks now, which is longest I have felt good in almost 3 years.

What was your dose of rifaximin – was it 3 pills of 550mg daily for 14 days? When you said it did nothing, do you mean you absolutely had no response?

If I were you, I would next try 28 days of neomycin (2x daily 500mg), or whatever your doctor felt comfortable prescribing for you. Neomycin can damage kidneys and hearing, so you got to watch out. But the formula seems simple, get rid of your current "infection" and maybe get 8 years of "normalcy". Fingers crossed good luck.

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I think it was partially gradual onset and partially suddenly worse. I had increasing gas over the years and sometimes had a reaction to certain foods where it would be significantly worse, but I always viewed those as one off. When it became bad on a daily basis I started tracking everything I ate. I found that it was always worse after taking probiotics. For a time they were in a protein drink that I took and then I had one with multiple bacteria that I would take occasionally, especially if I was having stomache issues, until I realized they were making things worse. I took generic Rifaximin 550 mg 2/day for 14 days, and I had absolutely no response, I noticed no difference at all.

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