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I had taken amiodarone for about eight years when it ceased to control my AFib. I was given a choice to have a cardiac ablation of the AV node rather than continue on the amiodarone. I was fully aware that there are major side effects to have a odor on and ask her about six years without it they put me back on temporary for VTach issue. After a short time I started having shortness of breath and was checked for lung issues. They immediately took me off of the amiodarone because it was causing some scarring of the lungs. Since that time I have had no more issues with the lungs but I am being checked once a year. I also have two very dear friends to whom I have advised the side effects and they have ceased to take the amiodarone as well. In my opinion I would definitely ask for an alternative to your cardiac issues and stay away from the amiodarone. It can also damage your liver and other organs. It is extremely toxic!

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Thanks for that info, breathe 43. It supports my suspicions. As I told everyone, I stopped the Amiodarone last Friday on my own after receiving the results of a recent pft that indicated restrictive lung disease. I’m very suspicious that this was the cause.
Although I was only on it for a year and four months at a low dose, I’ve read medical articles saying that the drug can do damage quickly without high doses.
I will stay off it and repeat the pft after awhile to see what it shows.
Glad to hear you have had no more issues.
Thank God for this website. Patients need to help each other.

Thanks for your experience with amiodarone. I see my PCP in ten days that is as soon as I can see him. These side effects are getting me down. I am so dizzy and off-balance most of the time. I have had lung issues since the 1970s mostly with allergies and living on the farm does not help. Are there any other side effects that you have had that go along with amiodarone? Thanks for sharing. KLH