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No I last took it in 2017 but I believe if memory serves I took it at night. Now I'm not as familiar with afib as mine was lower heart related but yes I don't remember any side effects that I could detect. I was also on another amti arrhythmia medication I felt for me was also helping it was Mexiltine which was very strick on when you took it. I was on both tho so I'm not sure if it's even used for afib. My first thought is are you actually seeing a EP Cardiologist for this as they specialize in heart rhythm problems. Not all regular Cardiologist handle the electrical system of the heart and that's were the problems like afib or mine known ad VT. EP stands for Electo-Physiologist . I'm a little surprised your PCP is doing the following up. If your having afib I know most people I know with it see a EP Cardiologist at least once in a while. You may want to ask about that also.

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Hi, I do see an EP Cardio and now has ordered an echo to see if I have improved my heart function or not. This maybe tells the story if I can get rid of some meds and along with them all these awful side effects. I have never experienced anything like this in my life, always active with work and farm chores(no garden this year). I had no warning signs or pain, it started over one night and here I am. Thanks for the added info. KLH

@danab I am so confused because the ER said I had afib when I arrived. But the three months after my BP was always low(90-100/50-60) and would drop sometimes 20 points when I stood up. But some of these meds would drop my pressure even more so take them at night so I am in bed Also I was told I now have CHF and the two Cardio Drs. differ in what I am to expect from now going forward. Would just like to find out what causes all these side effects and everyone's experience that is shared really helps. Stay safe and healthy. KLH