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Thanks for the quick reply. I also have COPD which they told me now but I was not aware of it. The last c-scran showed I have primary pulmonary hypertension along with the afib. Also, my TSH was high starting last November 2021 and climbing. This could be responsible for all my problems but no one caught it until rehab this Spring. I have only been home for about 2 months and maybe a month before that at extended care. Taking Amiodroine all this time. They changed Toprol to bedtime so when my BP drops, I am in bed.

So you have not had any side effects from Amiodroine? I am taking in am with breakfast that is when I get all these side effects and hardly can function. When I take it in the afternoon then no side effects are as bad but still are there. My PCP is so far out of the loop about who ordered the RX, when, and why. All Cardio says is to coordinate with your PCP even though, I see them regularly. I really would like to be able to function doing some household chores and maybe a little outside. No garden this year, so sad! If you have anything to add, please feel free to comment. You are the first to send a comment. Thanks so much and stay healthy. KLH

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No I last took it in 2017 but I believe if memory serves I took it at night. Now I'm not as familiar with afib as mine was lower heart related but yes I don't remember any side effects that I could detect. I was also on another amti arrhythmia medication I felt for me was also helping it was Mexiltine which was very strick on when you took it. I was on both tho so I'm not sure if it's even used for afib. My first thought is are you actually seeing a EP Cardiologist for this as they specialize in heart rhythm problems. Not all regular Cardiologist handle the electrical system of the heart and that's were the problems like afib or mine known ad VT. EP stands for Electo-Physiologist . I'm a little surprised your PCP is doing the following up. If your having afib I know most people I know with it see a EP Cardiologist at least once in a while. You may want to ask about that also.

I had taken amiodarone for about eight years when it ceased to control my AFib. I was given a choice to have a cardiac ablation of the AV node rather than continue on the amiodarone. I was fully aware that there are major side effects to have a odor on and ask her about six years without it they put me back on temporary for VTach issue. After a short time I started having shortness of breath and was checked for lung issues. They immediately took me off of the amiodarone because it was causing some scarring of the lungs. Since that time I have had no more issues with the lungs but I am being checked once a year. I also have two very dear friends to whom I have advised the side effects and they have ceased to take the amiodarone as well. In my opinion I would definitely ask for an alternative to your cardiac issues and stay away from the amiodarone. It can also damage your liver and other organs. It is extremely toxic!