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Good afternoon, I just read your comment. Would you or anyone reading this please let me know all the side effects you are having? I went to the ER(Abib) first of March 2022 and was never released home till May 2022. This is all new to me. The Cardio Drs. have me on Amiodarone, Eliquis, Toprol, and Requip plus others added to the meds I was already taking. Took me off Procardia which I have been taking for years. Now that I am home I have all these side effects and can not get much done. My angiogram was clean, living the good country life said one Cardio Dr. My BP runs low most of the time. Here goes: weight loss, hair thinning, restlessness, dizziness, occ. nosebleed, fatigue, ringing in my ears, now have broken out with small pimples, trouble sleeping, and off-balance. Never had these symptoms before.

Now, I have no idea which Cardio Dr. ordered these drugs and when but my PCP is supposed to oversee and manage my meds. Finally got his attention and now have an appt. to see him to figure this out. I would really like some first-hand experience from someone taking any of these drugs as to side effects that can occur and maybe get rid of them. I have never in my life been useless like this. Really hard! KLH

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Hi KLH, I'm a former taker of Amiodroine I was taking for many years for Heart rhythm problems of Vintricular Tachycardia. So I took it for almost 10 years as a pill and it served me well. As my heart got worse I ended up in the hospital where due to the frequent heart arrhythmia I was put on an IV version at a very high dose. It wasn't recommended but it was the only thing keeping me alive as I waited for either a solution to my Heart rhythm problems or a Heart became available for transplant. Now I say this to hopefully put your mind at ease as they figure things out. Now as for lung issues I was a former smoker and did quit but ended up with lifelong copd and ephisymia. But overall I don't have any lung problems that I was ever told of with Amiodroine. Now on a very high dose I did develop a toxicity to the IV type and was taken off of it but then I did receive a heart transplant which solved my problem and didn't need the Amiodroine anymore.
So bottom line is I was told that yes Amiodroine does have some side affects and one that I got was my thyroid became damaged and had to be removed but as my Cardiologist said its one if the best drugs for arrhythmia which are much worse than the side affects of the drug. I took it for almost 10 years with no major side affects and the thyroid problem happen right at the end . So I would say you have a bit of time to see what the issue is before the Amiodroine at least becomes a problem. Always good to Question these things tho. Let me know if I can help further.