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I'm having a hip replacement (2nd one this year. New hip's great!) but not until 2/3/23, 6 months away. A scheduling issue of course. I'm in a lot of pain. Any suggestions on managing this? It's a long time to wait. Opioids are out. I must be careful with NSAIDS. Any suggestions are welcome!

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@mpeggyh0419. It's wonderful that your new hip is great! I had a total hip replacement in November 2019 and it's taken me some time to get the strength back that I need to do the things I enjoy.

I'm going to make a suggestion however I'd like to say that whatever you do it's important to check with your surgeon first. You don't want to do anything that will affect your hip replacement that is scheduled in 2023.

Can you do some core exercises? Pilates is good for this and you can find Pilates exercises on YouTube. Another idea is yoga. Perhaps chair yoga? I like Yoga with Adriene as she has all levels of yoga. I found that yoga was most helpful to me to manage pain before and after surgery (with my surgeon's permission).
I'm with you on no opioid pills and being careful with NSAIDs. I put this above but I'm wondering if your surgeon has any suggestions for managing pain and what you can do and should not do?

Hi @rnpeggyh0419, Sorry to hear you are having so much pain. You'll see that I moved your post to this conversation.
Reducing Hip Pain while waiting for replacement: Suggestions?: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/hip-pain-2/
This way you can meet other members who are either still waiting and have found solutions or have had the surgery.
Did you ask your doctors office to keep you on a cancelation list?

Hello – When I had to wait several months for a hip revision, I asked for a visit to a PT for pre-surgery exercises. I really think having that, and doing them faithfully, helped my recovery and strengthening the surrounding muscles relieved the pain considerably while I waitedDo you think the surgeon's office would do that for you?