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Rezum for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

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Butt pain upon sitting starting day 2 after rezum shoots a bit down leg. At first bilateral now more unilateral also dull pain in left groin .
Is this just usual post op edema or inflammation or more permanent as per literature?

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Hello @ron55 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I am sorry to hear of your post-op pain.

I located a discussion on a similar topic that I wanted to bring you into, so you will notice that I have moved your post here: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/rezum/

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Have you called in your symptoms to your doctor yet?

Ron55, i had the Rezum procedure on March 31. (Note: I also have metastatic prostate cancer and appear to be emerging slowly from post-chemo remission, with very low, but slowly increasing, PSA numbers). After a week of precautionary nitrofurantoin the cath was removed and the improvement was dramatic. 2 weeks later a UTI set in and i became unable to urinate, requiring a trip to the ER, another week of nitrofurantoin, and two more weeks of foley cath. When the 2nd cath was removed, urination was perfect again. But all through this period i had intermittent fiery stabs of butt (rectal) pain which i thought were coincidental indications of a hemmorhoid attack. It’s now June 19 and i still have constant deep aching in the prostate and rectal area, a constantly itchy urethra, bladder irritation and urgency. I occasionally pass small blood clots and/or a small splash of red blood as urine starts to flow, but labs don’t show any evidence of UTI. I also did a full 5-day precautionary CIPRO regimen to help rule out prostatitis, but pain, aching and minor bleeding/clotting persists. My so-called recovery has been quite stormy but i have an excellent urologist and oncologist, and am still hoping for eventual alleviation. From my experience, Rezum may work but healing may take many months.