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Hello, I had Covid in October 2021. Mild Covid lost smell and taste maybe 3 days. Started experiencing weird symptoms December 2021 with food. Over the past 8months most foods taste like a chemical. Almost like ammonia. I have the taste in my mouth some mornings when I wake also. Things smell terrible especially greasy foods. It’s a chemical smell that’s unbearable. I don’t eat out at all and pretty much only eat salmon or tilapia baked or grilled raw veggies and fruit. I have constant chronic pain that started in my kidney area but seems to be mainly in the spine area and throughout my upper back area. It’s a constant deep throbbing pain. I’ve seen numerous doctors. My blood work comes back liver or kidney problems but ultrasounds show both organs fine. It’s very frustrating. I’m 35 and lifted weight 5days a week prior to Covid and can only manage maybe 2 days a week now and very limited due to it causing pain in my back to start and extreme fatigue if I exert too much energy at once. I just want answers and to be normal again. I feel like I’m going crazy.

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@hlott, you are not alone in this unpleasant late side effect of COVID. As taste and smell return or even if they were never lost, some members have reported horrible taste and smells, like burning garbage, rotting, and other unpleasant smells that only they can smell – not the people around them. To connect with others experiencing this, like @strongevergreen @traceyn @saucy @loons @becky1024, I moved your message to this discussion:

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Sorry to hear, I keep forgetting to tell other Covid suffers about my first battle with Covid because it’s takes so long to explain what happened. As far as I can tell, on April 7th 2020, I contacted Covid in a most unusual way, the hospital accidentally caused it. Since I was probably the first person in my area to get it, NYC is where it was first detected, it went up my right nostril entered into my brain via the blood vessel up there. It attacked my brain first, then kidneys and finally my heart. It never got into my respiratory system but nearly killed me thru my blood. In my brain, it entered that part of the brain that triggers road rage. I was trying to clip my large toenail and when I couldn’t, I ripped it completely off, ouch!!

It caused other issues but went after my kidneys which began to get so bad, I was headed for dialysis but recovered somewhat but is still in a crisis. It finally went after my heart, it’s damaged so much, I’ve been told I could die any second. I’m still here tho, trying to survive another day. So you see, Covid can cause anything, I never had it in my lungs but it sure caused trouble were blood went and caused a lot of neurological damage. I hope you recover soon, good luck!!!

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