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I had a perforated bowel and then a reversal one year ago this month. I've lost weight (yay!), but I have serious problems with feeling full quickly (I eat very slow, always have) and with constipation. (pretty much all my life but now scares me to death due to what happened. I'm about to go crazy, I eat my fruits, vegetables, proteins, and liquids (coffee am, vitamin water, once or twice a week Pepsi, which takes me all day to drink) I don't know what else to do.

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Hello @sickmommy20 and welcome to Connect. It sounds like you have had a lot of health issues in the past couple of years. You mentioned having a perforated bowel and then a reversal. Do you know the cause of the perforated bowel?

Most of us who have had surgeries on the digestive tract have problems eating (and often problems with constipation) after we recover from surgery. It sounds like you are working on a plan with small meals and that is good.

Have you consulted with a registered dietician at the hospital where you had your surgery? I've had three surgeries on the upper digestive tract and I also have to eat small, frequent meals. My doctor gave me a referral to a registered dietician and she offered some great suggestions on types of foods to eat and the timing of meals.

Would you consider calling for a referral to a dietician?

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