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SueinMN….thank you for replying. I've been going back in the posts trying to find you.
I started my first treatment on May 14th. All three at once. I lasted for two weeks, then the nausea started, plus fevers, body aches, fatigue, I voice even changed. My bloodwork was all over the place….especially my heart and liver. I was thinking Covid or Flu. My Doctor went to Canada on a vacation so I went to the ER. It was neither. I stopped taking the Big 3 immediately and it took nearly two weeks to get back to a somewhat normal life. I told my doctor I really couldn't start again until after the 4th of July. We were having company and I had one more wedding cake to make and couldn't be sick. Also, requested that we do it different, like I've been reading on this website. Start with one for a week, then add a second for a week, then add the third. I have no symptoms of MAC. It was found by chance with a CT scan of my abdomen. I'm going to take them at nighttime and see how it goes. If possible I would like to keep communicating with you. I can send you my e-mail address if that's allowed. Next question? Do patients talk with an Infectious Disease Specialist in addition to their Pulmonary Doctor? Thank you again, MacInPa

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Hi Sue, Is your 3x's a week maintenance or normal dosage? My Doctor usually does it daily for 6 months, confirm negative follow-up cultures, then convert to 3 days a week. He also said he increases the Ethambutol dose when going to 3 days. He also mentions that 3 times is for patients with less significant "burden" of MAI. I don't really know what my burden is other than I don't have symptoms and never have. My MAC was found by change with a CT Scan of my abdominal area. Thanks, MACinPA

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