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Most organic supplements are bonded together with fructose (sometimes corn fructose) .. some type of sugar or carnauba wax or a rice blend. .. all organic of course. So binders … pretty much the same ones that prescription medication use.

I too am in my 70s. I have grown up with farmers in my family and we grew a vegetable garden until a few years ago. We eat as fresh as possible. I have to take medications for asthma and year-round allergies. .. taking as few as possible. I have to take a PPI to help avoid cancer of the esophagus. I have tried many supplements… seem to be allergic to most for some reason .. even the organic ones.

I grew up with herbal medications no binders .. just teas and powders… could not take most of the teas .. they made me sick. So long ago I cannot remember what they were. Piney Woods area family knew how the plants work. I grow aloe plants to help my skin and use organic apple cider on my skin too. With allergies to pollen, chemicals .. including many prescription and non-prescription medications I need help with my skin.

I am glad you are so healthy and take so little supplements. Be careful on combining them and if you do have to see a doctor or go to a hospital make sure they know you take them.

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My problem is that i do not have too much faith in doctors , i just go for a blood test and read it myself and see what is lacking in my system . For pain and inflammation i use organic Turmeric its a fab product, apple cider with the mother.
Organic Rosehip powder is also a very good product especially for the skin and different ailments . Doctors never advice a nAtural product and this is not good . Have a nice day .