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Seems like your dose of Prednisone may not be enough. I started at 20 mg. in January 2022 and immediately all pain was gone. Prior to this, I was pretty much completely debilitated. I'm in the process of trying to taper now, which is a bit of a roller coaster. 12.5 mg was not good, so I upped it to 13 which seems a little better and now back down to 12.5 for a couple of weeks. I had significant pain from the neck, to the shoulders, to the upper arms, to the hands (right hand looked like a claw and required a split to keep it from curling). Hips, back of thighs and buttocks were excruciating. Could not sit on the toilet and could not do the reach around. It was horrible. Your drop in dosage seems to be too much and so the inflammation is likely building up again. Talk with your GP or Rheumatologist about increasing the dosage for awhile. It takes time for your body to settle in and we MUST listen to our bodies. Everyone is different. Cheers!

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Thank you. I am back down to very little pain/discomfort/stiffness now - probably about a 2, which I can definitely live with. It was bad that first day then gradually got better. Took about 5 days. Wondering if that is just how PMR goes? I had been on the 10mg for about 2 weeks when I woke up hurting so badly again. Seems like the Pred was working at that level before that day then it wasn't...now it is. I am just trying to learn more about how this disease flows.