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heart issues

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lioness❤️❤️❤️, luv this. thank you for your kindness and your reply. so if you knew me it is my tendency to go as far away from medical doctors but i felt like i needed to take your wisdom very seriously. i got 2 stents because of 90% blockage. but before that even happened i was told i needed an aortic valve replacement. the crazy thing is they decided to hold off from the valve surgery after telling me i needed it right away. i thinking this is crazy. why would they do that so i talked them into doing a heart cath my idea mind you and that is when they found the blockage. i was not going to take the statin but i feel i must for at least a period of time. i am praying i won’t have to take it forever. i am 69. the really crazy part is i have high blood pressure i did great on my treadmill test. it just doesn’t make much sense to me. i have to thank the good Lord for protecting me from a heart attack or stroke. i have been taking healthy supplement hiking biking and walking for many years. it’s crazy. i have however had a heart murmur since childhood.

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If statins improve you life and assist you in living longer, why would you not want to take them?

Listen to your trained, professional cardiologist instead of folks with opinions on supplements.

@denise81 You sound like a person that knows how to help naturally Love it. I am a retired Nurse and saw so many people with side effects from meds I started studying herbal meds .You need to do research from ethical sources.

Be careful with niacin. It may be beneficial but in excess can cause liver issues. Generally speaking, I have read that 500 to 1000 mg is safe.